Everyday I walk in the closet, the first shirts I look for are my Bamboo Boxer pocket t-shirts. I’ve personally found that good quality pocket t-shirts are extremely hard to find. Your shirts are the absolute best! Not only are they an awesome fit, they look really good and literally lift my mood the moment I put them on. It’s like the Aloha spirit was sewn into them when the pockets were added! Before getting Bamboo Boxer pocket shirts, I’d often have to overdress and wear button down collared shirts if I wanted the convenience and utility of a shirt pocket. Now that I have Bamboo Boxer shirts, I can dress a lot more comfortably while still being casually stylish at the same time! Being able to reach my glasses and pens in an instant is so nice. I also love to go on casual bike rides as often as possible and I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly handy it is to have a shirt pocket with a button to carry stuff like cash or credit cards without worry. Thanks for making such a great product!