This is a great company to work with! I live in Lahaina, Hawaii and have bought Bamboo boxers at our local shop for a couple of years but the selection is much larger on the website. Their shipping is quick and the quality of their items is always excellent. I’ll be back to buy more.

Mahalo, Dudley from Lahaina

I randomly picked your product up at a lodge in Volcanoes, and they are the best! I’ve been ordering them ever since; now they’re the only boxers I buy."

Shawn from VA

" Bamboo boxer's are awesome! I first got turned on to these boxers at a boutique shop in Kauai during a work trip and love them - have purchased several...Great designs and very comfortable, plus support local businesses...it's a win- win!"

Todd - California

My husband and I travelled to Hawaii for our honeymoon two years ago. During our time, he picked up a pair of Bamboo Boxers and has basically lived in them ever since! He constantly reminds me of how comfortable, light and roomy they are. This one pair has been through the wash nearly every week since our honeymoon and the tag inside is only now showing signs of fading. As an anniversary gift I’ve bought him another three pairs and cannot wait to surprise him with them. Jennie and the team at Bamboo Boxer Co. sent these across the ocean to Australia and I couldn’t be more grateful for the super straightforward transaction and quick shipping. Many thanks once again!

Tessa from Australia

My husband and I have been going to Maui regularly for almost 25 years. I accidentally discovered the boxers at the Maalaea harbor several years ago and I picked some up for my dad and husband. They’ve been huge fans ever since. They can be hard to find around the island and in the sizes I want, so when I can’t find them on island, I try to purchase them on your web site. They are such good quality and fit, it’s hard to buy others once you’ve had the bamboo boxer. Mahalo for your amazing customer service.

Patricia from CA

I have been buying your boxers for years and I love the quality and design (artistry). I first found them at a little store on Lanai. Other brands of boxers use an elastic that breaks down after a year or so of washing. Not Bamboo Boxers. I’ve never had to toss a pair due to elastic breakdown. I don’t ever want to run out of your boxers so I have a stash of about 20 pairs still in their packaging to ensure I always have them. I rotate a new pair in every once in a while and sadly retire the old.

Jay from CA

"These are my husband’s favorite boxers and the only ones he wears. We love all the various colors and prints. Keep the new ones coming!” -Katie from CA

Several years ago, I bought several pairs of boxers. I’ve been using them for hula practice and although the elastic is getting loose, the boxers have not faded and wear well. I received my order of boxers today and am really happy with the patterns I chose. I will be using the “old” ones around the house until they can no longer stay up, simply because they‘re too nice to discard. Mahalo for the excellent service and the equally excellent product.

Carole from Honolulu

“Thanks for the great customer service!”

David from Washington

“You are a wonderful company to deal with and very much appreciated.”

Janie from Michigan

I can't say enough great things about these boxers. First the prints are unique. There are so many different designs and colors to choose from. Guaranteed, there is a design/color for everyone. Second, the material is very comfortable. It's 100% cotton and great to wear during the hot summer months especially in California. The elastic band is soft and not too tight. Lastly, the quality is superb. I have had my boxers for years and they have not worn out. If you're ever in need of a comfy, quality boxer for yourself or for a gift, look no further. Bamboo Boxer Company is the way to go! -Karen in California

After wearing a long sleeve collared shirt for 10 hours a day, the first thing I look for when I get home is my bamboo boxer shorts! The instant I put them on, I literally feel the workday’s stress shed off of me and can instantly enjoy my evenings a whole lot better. They are the most comfortable shorts to wear when the temperatures in my area of Southern California often hit triple digits during the summer. The sturdy (but lightweight) material they’re made of also make them my preferred workout shorts. Lastly, there’s just something “special” about the cool Hawaiian Patterned prints that lighten my mood whenever they are put on. Thank you so much for such bringing such an awesome product to the market!

Chris in Santa Clarita, California

I found bamboo boxers on the internet originally and was instantly impressed with the style and loose feel of these boxers. I live in Florida and need both an indoor house outfit, the occasional run to the mailbox, and during August, I don't mind mowing the lawn in them as folks think they are shorts. The little coconut button keeps them looking like shorts, the waist band has always felt comfortable, and I have given these as gifts to all of my friends; male and female. I even suggest that pregnant women wear them when they feel uncomfortable and can feel happy and colorful in the home! Over the years I have amassed over 35 pairs of boxers; often in different sizes for gifts and everyone loves them or wants to borrow them when they visit me; often taking them home. They work well over bathing suits at the beach or pool, and one year, I forgot my suit at a resort and just swam in them and a sports bra with tank top. I have my original pair that I bought over 8 years ago and the color and elastic have held up well despite a lot of use. I recommend these to anyone who wants to feel totally cool! Much love,

Kaysie in Bradenton, Florida

I am a fan of your Bamboo Boxer Shorts, and just wanted you to know I wear them every day. They are my favorite sleepwear and casual lounging around the house. Wearing my favorite hawaiian prints reminds me that I am still a kama'aina at heart. The elastic remains strong through a zillion washes, and they are well made and comfy. Thanks, P.S. My sister is Kaysie, and she has gifted me new ones as well as passed along some hand-me-downs.

Kim in San Diego, California

I just LOVE my Bamboo Boxers! While I wouldn't be caught dead in most, these boxers feature vibrant colors and tropical flair that are absolutely irresistible! I appreciate the whimsical and witty images--I have several pairs of these shorts --and the obvious care taken in their construction. They are comfortable and last forever! Oh, and did I mention that the fabric is 100% cotton?

Mary in Honolulu, Hawaii

Love those boxers. They're so comfortable. The cut, durability, and great Hawaiian prints allow me to even wear them outside in the yard.

Gwen in Honolulu, Hawaii

Boxers!! If someone told me that I would be wearing boxers I would have said "no way" that's for men..But now it is the first thing I grab to put on, however, I refer to it as shorts not boxers. I like to wear matching outfits and like the fact that Bamboo Boxers has a variety of prints and colors to choose from. I find them to be so comfortable to wear that I have been sharing them as gifts to my friends and family. They feel the same as I do about Bamboo Boxers (shorts). As the saying goes; "Try them you'll like them".

Joanne in Hawaii

Been wearing Bamboo Boxers for a couple of years now and they are comfortable and fun to wear. But, with the label on the outside on the boxers, it makes them SUPER comfortable! Thanks!


One word for BBC Wahine, ADORABLE!

Amy from Kahala, Hawaii

These boxers are first class. It feels good just knowing I am wearing a quality product. The “Laniakea” design reminds me of a vintage Aloha shirt I have. And the “Wahiawa” pineapple plantation pattern in faded blue and white kind of has that palaka feel to it.

Randy from Honolulu, Hawaii

I must say that bambooboxers are first rate. From the spectacular prints to the fine quality construction they are my go to boxers. The fabric is cool in the summer months and the tropical prints remind me of warm weather in the very cold winters. I own many pairs and would recommend them for both men and women-you won't be disappointed.

John from New York

I love my Pua Nani and Kalei print Wahine Bamboo Boxers! I love the bold colorful local prints. I like to go hiking in them as they are both cute and comfortable with the cotton material. I am 5' 4" and wear a size 0 pants and found that the Small is just right.

Nicole in Honolulu, Hawaii

While vacationing at Waikoloa, Hawaii in 2006, I purchased my first pair of Bamboo Boxers. I retired those boxers in 2014. I have purchased additional pairs of boxers over the years since my first purchase. All are still wearable!

Ron in California

Bought one pair for my husband. The minute he tried them on, he wanted more! So comfortable and good looking.

Colleen in Kona, Hawaii

These boxers are soooo cool. The design is as nice as the picture indicated, they’re VERY well made, and I like that they’re 100% cotton too. My friends know that I love tropical print boxers (it’s Hawai’i…so I wear them around the house for lounge wear), and I haven’t been able to find some nice ones since I lived in Malaysia, which was a few years ago. I was down to one pair, so finding your company was just in the nick of time! Your new fan,

Kai in Honolulu, Hawaii

I own 9 pair of Bamboo Boxers and reside on Maui. I do not mind the price that I pay because I enjoy the Hawaiian motif designs and that they are produced in Hawaii. I enjoy the quality, the colors that do not fade and the elastic waist bands that do not lose their stretch. Please do not ever compromise that quality. The only issue I have with Bamboo Boxers is they run small. I usually wear a large but have to wear an extra large.

Ray in Maui